Who is Robert Abigail?

Small chance he needs an introduction...

Robert Abigail is one of Belgiums most demanded and populair dj’s and dance producers in the country. 

Behind the decks Robert Abigail is well know to turn a party into complete madness! On every major festival or event, clubs and many other respectable venue’s he makes the temperature rise as soon as he climbs on stage. With his powerfull and unique sets filled with Electronic Dance Music combined with a range of other styles, he knows how to work a crowd. If you think you have heard a track before... think again! His own mashups and remixes separates him from the mass!

On producing level the world got introduced to Robert Abigail in 2008. With a massive international hit in every continent across the globe. His ‘Mojito song’ gained even more succes with the Bacardi Mojito commercial used in cinema‘s and television from the USA to Asia and every country in between! In less then a month ‘Mojito Song’ sold gold and platinum followed very soon.

One summer later in 2009 Robert Abigail did it again, his ‘Merengue’ (featuring Rebel) entered the Belgian top 10 charts in the first week.

His resume says it all with collabs, remixes and projects for and with artists like Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, Kaoma, Coolio, Kate Ryan, Agnes, Lou Bega and many many more!

One of Robert Abigail’s most succesfull collaborations in 2010 featuring the legendary Gibson Brothers and Rebel! A brand new remake of the international known ‘Cuba’. This record went gold in less than 2 months and platinum followed once again, Roberts second platinum single!

From the beginning till now Robert Abigail seems to be the standard delivery guy for high charted dance hits. Louder, Mojito song, Cuba, Meneando, Culo, Good Times, Merengue, City where the parties on, Fly, Karma, Rhythm of the night, No vale la pena, and many many many more!

Will this succes ever come to an end? Well, not anytime soon!

"As long as a I can share my passion with the people who appreciate it, you will find me behind the decks!"


Robert Abigail - Tequila
Robert Abigail - Eight Zero (ft. Antonique Rivela)
Robert Abigail - Les Mains En L'Air
Robert abigail x Digitalchord x Rockwelz - BRUTAL
Robert Abigail & Digitalchord - Hewwego
Robert Abigail - Cantando
Robert Abigail ft. M&G - Mimosa
Robert Abigail - I know you like it
Robert Abigail & Kaoma ft. fab faya -Tago Mago
Robert Abigail - Mojito!
Robert Abigail ft. Mr Z - Hypnotize
Robert Abigail - Trick or Treat
Robert Abigail ft. Sarina Voorn - Rhythm of the night
Robert Abigail & Brahim ft. P Moody - Fly
Robert Abigail & Wout - Sinrise (DDV '13 Anthem)
Robert Abigail - Louder!
Robert Abigail & Kate Ryan - Karma
Robert Abigail & Rebel ft. M.O. - Culo
Robert Abigail & daniel santacruz - no vale la pena
robert abigail & philip d ft. Gibson bros - non stop ...
Robert Abigail ft. Ebon E - Amor prohibido
Robert Abigail & Dj Rebel ft. Gibson bros. - Cuba
Robert Abigail ft. Moonflower & M.O - City where ...
Robert Abigail Feat. Miss Autumn Leaves - Good Times
Robert Abigail & DJ Rebel Feat. Mo - Meneando
N v Zandt vs. Robert Abigail Ft. Jay Ritchey - PartyJam
Robert Abigail Ft. DJ Rebel - Merengue
Robert Abigail - Mojito Song


2008 till 2011 the compilation
robert abigail pres. beach beats vol.1 (mix compilation)


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Short bio

Robert Abigail is one of Belgium's most successful dance dj's and producers, with platinum and gold selling tracks such as Mojito song, Merengue and Cuba, to name a few, and remixes for artists like Pitbull, Snoop Dogg and Coolio. He is spreading his love for music and the sunshine within. And he is spreading it worldwide!